Race Report – Hagley Parkrun #70

Every Saturday morning for the last couple of years I’ve been going along to Parkrun. Parkrun is a weekly, free 5km timed run held at a variety of locations around the world. It’s been a weekly tradition for me to get up at 7 or 8 AM every Saturday morning, smash out a parkrun, chat afterwards with fellow runners and then maybe go out for a bagel and hot chocolate as a reward for our efforts. No matter how well I run, I always feel better afterwards.

This morning I completed my 70th Parkrun at Hagley Parkrun in Christchurch. Here’s how it went…

Hagley Park Run – 22/6/2019 – 8 AM – Parkrun #70

Time: 17:37

Pace: 3:36/km

Position: 4th overall ( 2nd in age category )

My usual parkrun is done at the Dunedin Botanic Gardens. Dunedin Parkrun is known as the hardest parkrun in New Zealand because of it’s hilly terrain. As Hagley is completely flat, I always expect a faster time here. I’ve completed Hagley a few times now but had yet to do it at a race pace. My PB for Hagley before today was 19:07. I knew that if I went out at race pace today that I would beat this time, but my goal was to achieve a sub 18-minute run.

I didn’t get the best sleep the night before. I had a late night McDonald’s trip for a McFlurry after the rugby. Race prep wasn’t ideal, but I didn’t feel too bad this morning. I was a little bit tired and cold, but was still ready to give this run a decent crack.

I chose my starting position poorly. I quickly got cut off by the crowd as they came across to run alongside the pond. I lost a few places here while taking caution trying not to fall in. I quickly made up these positions again on the first big straight and clocked in a 3:36 for the first kilometer which was my target pace for this run. The start threw me off a bit but fortunately I did manage to settle into a decent pace for the rest of the run.

The rest of my splits were:

1: 3:36/km

2: 3:40/km

3: 3:27/km

4: 3:49/km

5: 3:31/km

Overall I was happy with today’s run. I haven’t done a fast parkrun in a while now due to recently coming back from an injury, so it felt good to smash this one out. The next target time for Hagley parkrun will be a sub 17:30. However, next week I plan to do Rolleston Parkrun. I hope to race this one too. It is completely flat as well so I will be hoping for a similar time.

Parkrun is better with friends!


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