Race Report – Foster Parkrun #72

After taking a wrong turn and doing an extra kilometer at Foster Parkrun last week, I decided to head back to Rolleston to take on the course a second time in an attempt to set a course PB. Here is my race report for my 72nd Parkrun at Foster Parkrun in Rolleston, Christchurch.

Rolleston Parkrun – 6/7/2019 – 8 AM – Parkrun #72

Time: 17:34

Pace: 3:31/km

Position: 1st

Last weekend I set out on a frosty Christchurch morning to take on Foster Parkrun in Rolleston. I had my sights set on achieving a course PB and maybe run faster than the time of 17:37 which I set at Parkun Hagley the week before. The course had changed since the last time I was there and I was silly enough not to listen to the pre-run briefing. I started off quick with another new comer but we both had no idea where we were supposed to go! We ended up going the wrong way and I was unable to achieve the time I wanted. Always listen to the briefing!

I returned to Rolleston this weekend for another crack. I listened to the pre-race briefing very carefully this time and made sure I knew where I was going. A small field of 38 runners approached the starting line and then we were off. I was quick to lead from the front and built a comfortable lead 2 km into the run. I ran 3:20 for the first kilometer then slowed down to a consistent, steady pace of around 3:36 for the next 2 km. Towards the end I was feeling fantastic and felt that I could push hard to get a good time. I managed to speed up to a 3:31 minute pace for the final 2 km and finished strong to take first place comfortably.

I was very happy with the way this run went. I felt like I ran a steady pace and topped it off with a strong finish. Foster Parkrun is a relatively new Parkrun, but it’s a great course and has a small bunch of friendly runners who turn up weekly. A great alternative to Hagley Parkrun if you want to avoid the bigger crowd.

I’m still 15 seconds off my overall 5 km PB, but with some more training and avoidance of any injuries, I think this is a time I will be able to achieve again soon.

This picture was taken at last weeks Parkrun in Rolleston. A frosty but beautiful morning.

Unfortunately there won’t be anymore flat Parkruns for me in the near future as I’m heading back home to take on the hilly Dunedin course as usual. The Christchurch Parkruns have been awesome to run. I met some cool people along the way and even caught up with some familiar faces. Some great cafes with tasty food and hot drinks to visit afterwards too.

My next running goal is to compete in the Brighton to Green Island 10km Road Race. I’ve been feeling good with my training these last few weeks and I’m hoping to achieve a time of under 38 minutes this year. Stay tuned for a race report on this event.


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